This cottage is named after Ira Dudley Grimmett, a humble man who never really understood the love and respect others had for him.

Dudley was born in 1920. He grew up in a farming family of 3 boys and 1 girl just outside of Kingaroy Qld. His dad died when he was 6, so it was a lot to help his mum and three older brothers and sister run the farm. He learnt great resilience and stoicism as well as a deep faith in God that carried him through his life.

In his mid-teens(that word not used till mid 1960's) he went to teachers college then joined the Air Force during WW11, flying in Australia.

In 1946 he married Heather Patton in Parkes NSW and share-farmed with his father-law till 1956 when he and Heather bought a farm and moved their family of three out west at a place called Tottenham.

He loved building up his farm and often said a holiday for him would be to go further west!

For 40yrs Dudley hand-milked a cow or two every morning and brought the steaming milk onto the breakfast table. Always cream to be had and he loved Heather's home-made butter and ice-cream!

He loved his ball of ice-cream bobbing in a bowl of milk!

Dudley always serviced his own machinery and vehicles, having an old water truck ready in case of fires.

As well as growing wheat Dudley loved his animals- sheep, cattle, poultry and any baby kangaroo or emu that may have lost its mum.

Dudley was a gentle giant, intelligent, quiet and strong in faith. He loved reading, took occasional church services and loved welcoming people to his farm- especially city people! Loved to feel he had opened their eyes a little to the country life!!!

It was a difficult decision to move into town - Parkes- in the early 1990s, but a move that had to be done. A gentleman till his death in 2012, loved by his children and friends, adored by his grandchildren and great grandchildren

Dudley’s Cottage has 2 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, laundry and a private courtyard.


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