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I would like to express our thanks and appreciation for making Rosemary's place available to us during our crisis in our lives. Words cannot express how much it means to us. We did not know what we were going to do or where we were going to go with our home being 2 and a 1/2 hrs drive away. (Lameroo to RAH). Being flown into Adelaide in a critical condition and needing weeks of dialysis up to 5 times a week. Its like home away from home, has everything we need to make life that little bit easier and comfortable.

Being from the country we feel safe and have our own privacy and appreciate being able to have family and friends come to visit.

Rosemary's place is a great location, handy to everything we need as we are unable to drive while here. Our family absolutely think it is a god send also. We are hoping and praying that more country people a long way from home and in their difficult time can have this accommodation opportunity available to them. Email

Rex and Shirley Kramer

“It is always a challenge to find convenient accommodation for our Carers and their Carees when they are receiving medical treatment. Our region, the Lower North can be up to a 3 hour drive one way into the city which can be out of reach of some when appointments are either first or last thing in the day. Rosemary’s Place provides both suitable and convenient accommodation for a broad range of Clients with special needs to stay overnight or longer”

Leanne Mullan
Carer Support Coordinator
SA Country Carers

“I recently had a kidney transplant at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and stayed at Rosemary’s Place. It was wonderful to have somewhere close to the hospital to call home. I was able to enjoy my own space and continue to live whilst attending my daily check-up appointments. My children could come down from the country to visit me and I was able to provide them with a ‘normal home environment’ even though we were far from home. The people at Rosemary’s Place are friendly and courteous, and there wasn’t anything they wouldn’t do for you. If I was in the position, I would donate anything I could to support this wonderful charity. Thank you Di and all involved, you make a difficult time a lot easier and comfortable.”

Minyon Freeman

“We are from the South East (of SA) and it was great to be able to set up in a comfortable unit (at Rosemary’s Place) for my husband when he came out of hospital. The unit was close to the trams, so were able to utilise this and also it was an easy drive back to the hospital for appointments. It took a lot pressure off us as were able to cook for ourselves and also do our washing without having to find a laundromat. We had people next to us from the country also and we would often have a cuppa and a chat just like if we were home. I would recommend these units to any other country people having to stay in the city for any length of time. They were very comfortable and we really appreciated being able to stay there.“

Andy & Judy Kramer

“When my husband was called in suddenly for his kidney transplant and we were told we’d need to stay close to the hospital, the social worker found us Rosemary’s Place. The location was ideal for his daily pickup for the hospital and easy to access after arriving in the city. The area was so perfect as a retreat for our family during this unsettling time with so much running back and forth from the hospital. Our whole family stayed during various times and this allowed us to stay united and supported. The roads around were great for walking and a playground and shopping were only a short distance away. The facilities were great with everything we needed to make the stay comfortable and homely. Having a full kitchen makes catering for a family so much easier and cheaper. I would recommend this to anyone who has to stay in the city for medical reasons as it is so nice to come “home” there after the busyness of the medical environment.”

Tamar Lees

“A number of renal patients who are on dialysis or who are about to, or have received a renal transplant come from country South Australia or the Northern Territory. At the current time there is a paucity of accommodation for these people and for these people when they come to Adelaide for their treatments.

Rosemary’s Place currently provides two units which we have been using extensively for these patients. There is a significant need for more accommodation and for Rosemary’s Place to expand their current activities.

I believe that we would have a number of patients that would avail themselves of these facilities if they were available.”

Professor Graeme R. Russ
Co-director Nephrology & Transplantation
Central Northern Adelaide Renal and Transplantation Service

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